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The Kitchen

The Kitchen

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Altitude Go | Altitude Fresh

A new kind of self-catered

The Kitchen at The Altitude Collection is nothing short of a delicious experience waiting to be discovered. We want to share our taste of beautiful, seasonal and local flavours brought to you in two menu styles to be enjoyed exclusively with us. 

After a great day on the mountain coming back to the chalet should be about putting your feet up and taking that well deserved break, let us take care of dinner so that all you would need to do is make it to the table. Let us know if you have any dietary requirements and we'll curate a menu that's perfect for you.

A different kind of mountain dining.

Enjoy a home cooked family meal on holiday, without any of the hassle.

Altitude Go Food
Food Ingredients in Bowls

Altitude Go

Altitude Go is the delivery of pre-prepared meals direct to your door.


Our Altitude Go option makes holiday dining that little bit easier. It's entirely flexible to your schedule, and the variations are endless. There is something for everyone from our light bites and starters to the flavorful and delicious mains all finished off with our mouthwatering desserts dine in with us at The Altitude Collection

Altitude Fresh

Altitude Fresh is the delivery of pre measured ingredients and detailed cooking instructions.

Altitude Fresh is the perfect option for those who love to cook but hate the hassle of buying too many ingredients and wasting so much upon departure.  At The Altitude Collection we have a full menu of recipes and pre-measured ingredients to help you create something magical. We take care of the mise en place so there is less mess and no waste.

Kitchen Anchor

The Wine Cellar

Every good meal deserves to be paired with a fine accompaniment Our cellar is stocked with a handpicked selection of fine french wines from our exclusive supplier choose your here

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